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第27课_The ‘Vasa’

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Lesson 27   The 'Vasa'“瓦萨”号

     First listen and then answer the following question.


     What happened to the 'Vasa' almost immediately after she was launched?


     From the seventeenth-century empire of Sweden, the story of a galleon that sank at the start of her maiden voyage in 1628 must be one of the strangest tales of the sea. For nearly three and a half centuries she lay at the bottom of Stockholm harbour until her discovery in 1956. This was the Vasa, royal flagship of the great imperial fleet.



     King Gustavus Adolphus, 'The Northern Hurricane', then at the height of his military success in the Thirty Years' War, had dictated her measurements and armament. Triple gun-decks mounted sixty-four bronze cannon. She was intended to play a leading role in the growing might of Sweden.



     As she was prepared of her maiden voyage on August 10, 1628, Stockholm was in a ferment. From the Skeppsbron and surrounding islands the people watched this thing of beauty begin to spread her sails and catch the wind. They had laboured for three years to produce this floating work of art; she was more richly carved and ornamented than any previous ship. The high stern castle was a riot of carved gods, demons, knights, kings, warriors, mermaids, cherubs; and zoomorphic animal shapes ablaze with rea and gold and blue, symbols of courage, power, and cruelty, were portrayed to stir the imaginations of the superstitious sailors of the day.

     1628年8月10日,“瓦萨”号准备首航时,斯德哥尔摩一片欢腾。人们从斯开波斯布朗和周围的岛屿前来观着这艘美丽的战船扬帆起航,乘风前进。瑞典人辛 辛苦苦干了3年才建成这件水上艺术品,它比以往任何船只雕刻得都更加精美,装饰得都更加华丽。高耸的船楼上雕刻了令人眼花缭乱的神仙、妖魔、骑士、国王、 武士、美人鱼和小天使,还有用红色、金黄色、蓝色绘制的光彩夺目的兽形图案,象征着勇敢、力量和残暴,以激起汉时崇尚迷信的水手们的想像。


     Then the cannons of the anchored warships thundered a salute to which the Vasa fired in reply. As the emerged from her drifting cloud of gun smoke with the water churned to foam beneath her bow, her flags colour, she presented a more majestic spectacle than Stockholmers had ever seen before. All gun-ports were open and the muzzles peeped wickedly from them.

     这时,停泊在港口的其他战船向“瓦萨”号鸣炮致礼,“瓦萨”号也鸣炮回礼。当“瓦萨”号从弥漫的礼炮烟云中出现时,船头下浪花加溅,舰旗迎风招展,三角旗 随风飘动,微风鼓起风帆,金碧辉煌的船楼闪耀着灿烂的色彩。“瓦萨”号展现的壮观景象是斯德哥尔摩人从未见过的。船上的炮眼开着,炮口虎视眈眈地向外窥视着。


     As the wind freshened there came a sudden squall and the ship made a strange movement, listing to port. The Ordnance Officer ordered all the port cannon to be heaved to starboard to counteract the list, but the steepening angle of the decks increased. Then the sound of rumbling thunder reached the watchers on the shore, as cargo, ballast, ammunition and 400 people went sliding and crashing down to the port side of the steeply listing ship. The lower gun-ports were now below water and the inrush sealed the ship's fate. In that first glorious hour, the mighty Vasa, which was intended to rule the Baltic, sank with all flags flying-in the harbour of her birth.

     当风力增强时,突然刮来一阵大风,“瓦萨”号奇怪地摇晃了一下,便向左舷倾斜。炮长命令把左舷上所有大炮搬到右舷上来以抵消船的倾斜,但甲板的倾斜度仍在 增加。当物口、压舱物、弹药和400个人轰地一声滑向陡斜的左舷时,岸上的观众听到了雷鸣般的轰响。下层炮眼已淹没在水里,涌进船舱的水给“瓦萨”号带来 了难以逃脱的厄运。就这样,想要统治波罗的海的大型战舰“瓦萨”号,在它壮丽的起航时刻,带着全身飘扬的彩旗,沉没在了它诞生的港口。


     New words and expressions 生词和短语


     n. 大型帆船



     n. 斯德哥尔摩



     n. 旗舰



     adj. 帝国的



     n. 飓风



     n. 军械



     adj. 三层的



     v. 架有



     n. 青铜



     n. 加农炮






















































































    Notes on the text课文注释

    1  the 'Vasa', "瓦萨号"战船。这艘船是以瑞典瓦萨王朝(1523-1654)创始人Gustavus Vasa的姓氏命名的。Gustavus Vasa(1496-1560)曾领导了发对丹麦统治的暴动,1523年出任国王,使瑞典成了一个独立、统一、富强的国家。

    2  the Thirty Years War"三十年战争"。这是欧洲历史上的一场多国混战,具有政治和宗教色彩,是新教诸侯和天主教诸侯之间的连年战争(1618-1648),最后在1648年签定了威斯特伐利亚条约,以天主教诸侯失败而告终。

    3  a riot of,许多...,主要指色彩丰富。

    4  with the water churned...,her flags flying , pennans waving , sails filling..., and the red and gold ... ablaze... with最后5个独立主格结构,均作方式状语,修饰动词emerged。


Lesson 27   课后练习和答案Exercises and Answer