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1.Do remember to lock the door when you leave.
______ _______you lock the door when you leave.

2.The little girl wanted to know when her father could take her to Paris.
The little girl wanted to know______ ______ be taken to Paris.

3.French is not the first language in any of these countries.
French is the first language in ______ _______ these countries.

4.My uncle left the room. he said nothing to us.
My uncle left the room______ _______ anything to us.

5.He wasn't good at English. I thought.
I____ _____ ______he was good at english.

6.Both Mike and Mary have been to Beijing.(否定句)
______Mike______Mary______been to Beijing.

7.It took him an hour to write the letter.
He _______an hour_______the letter.

8.We should knock a long stick into the earth.
A long stick _______ ________ _______into the earth.

9.She paid 400 yuan for the new bike.
The new bike_______ ______400 yuan.

10.How about playing basketball with us?
____ ______play football with us?

11. "Will Wang Feng come here in a minute?" she asked.
She asked______Wang Feng______ come here in a minute?

12.Jim didn't visit the museum yesterday. He stayed at home.
Jim stayed at home yesterday_______ ______visiting the museum.

13.There are more people in China than in India.
The________of China is________than that of India.

14.The talk is very important.
The talk is_____great______.

15.He can't catch the bus if he doesn't run fast.
He can't catch the bus______ he______fast.

16.You should let someone repair the TV set.
You should______the TV set __________.

17Jim wants to go boatingand his parents want to go boating, too.
Jim wants to go boating and________ _______his parents.

18.The ice on the lake was so thin that people couldn't skate on it.
The ice on the lake was not ______ enough______people to____ _____.

19.How many people are there in France.
______ _____the population of France?

20.We hold the International Kite Festival in Weifang every year.
The International Kite Festival____ _______in Weifang every year.

21.They say that Mr liu can speak German.
______ ______that Mr Liu can speak German.

22.My sister prefers reading to going shopping.
My sister likes_______ ______than going shopping.

My sister prefers____ _____rather than______ shopping.

23.I feel like going to the zoo with my friends this Saturday.
I_______like to____to the zoo with my friends this Saturday.

24.He doesn't do any other things. He is only on internet.
He is always on internet______ _____doing other things.

25.The picture was usually put up in the park near the playground.
The picture was put up in the park____to the playground as_______.

26.It seems that he has had a cold.
He seems_____ ______had a cold.

27.The tree is so tall that we can't reach it.
The tree is______tall______us ______ _____.

28.I'm interested in the old museum in this city.
The old museum in this city______ ______ _____me.

29.They knew everything only after you told him.
They knew______ _______ you told him.

30.There are many trees around the house. It's my house.
The house______many trees around is _______.

31.I won't pass the exam if you don't help.
I won't pass the exam ______ your_______.

32.Father Christmas comes from a real person in history.
Father Christmas is ________ ____ a real person in history.

33.He doesn't know much Japanese.
He ______ only a______Japanese.

34.If you ask him, he will you tell you the truth.
_______him,______he will tell you the truth.

35.She likes to make her own clothes. She doesn't like to buy them in shops.
She prefers making her own clothes_____ _____buying them in shops.

36.Neither Tom nor Jack read yesterday's newspaper.
Tom didn't read yesterday's newspaper,_______ ________Jack.

37.I heard he was singing in the next room.
I heard_______ ______in the next room.

38.Peter is 150 centimeters tall,so is Mike.
Mike is the same_______ ______Peter.

39.The doctor told him to stop smoking.
The doctor told him to _____ _______smoking.

40.Please don't make our room dirty.
Please _____ our classroom____.

41.The heavy rain stopped them from leaving home.
The heavy rain_______ them _______ at home.

42.This book isn't as interesting as that one.
This book is _______interesting than that one.

43.There are more people in this city than in that city.
The _____ of this city is_______than _____of that one.

44.This book has nothing to do with English.
This book is_____ _______English.

45.Bob had no teacher,but he learned English well at his young age.
Bob________ ______English when he was young.

46.There's nobody but a passenger in the bus.
There's______ one passenger in the bus.

47.Bob's lonely because it's difficult for him to make friends.
Bob's lonely because he______ ________at making friends.

48.Plant more trees every year and the desert will become green in a few years' time.
If you plant more trees every year,the desert will______ ______ with green trees in a few years' time.

49.The jacket cost so little that he bought it.
The jacket _____ ______ ______for him to buy.

50.His father is working.
His father is ______ _______